Gold Rush: The Game


Gold Rush: The Game is an interesting gold excavation simulation game. This title was developed by CodeHorizon and published by PlayWay. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter in July 2017. This title will give you a chance to become a gold miner. Practice makes perfect is exactly what this game means. Try to work hard, deeply dig and explore the world on your way and see how far you can go. The dream of becoming the wealthiest person in Alaska isn't far from you. Using various special machines to find as much gold as you can and let your dream come true.

How to use gold rush the game cheats?

The cheat you can use inside the game manually according to Magicworld. To use these cheat codes, type them wherever in the game and it will activate its respective functions.

Gold Rush: The Game cheats List

Code Effect
money money Get 50.000$.
gold gold Get 50 OZ of gold.

money Copy


Get 50.000$.

gold Copy


Get 50 OZ of gold.

More about Gold Rush: The Game


Learning how to dig the gold, find exactly where the gold is and use the right machine to do that work isn’t your big question to solve in this game. Because Gold Rush: the game is a fun and educational game I which you can learn many interesting ways of determining the terrain and digging the gold perfectly. Moreover, with a highly specific simulation of the whole gold mining process, you will have a chance to learn to use the excavator and other machines required to gain gold nuggets. This seems not easy for you as you will meet the occasional breakdown of machines and changes in weather conditions. These changes include rain and winter which can make it impossible to determine and dig the gold.
As I said above, your mission in this game is gathering gold using multiple methods. These methods comprising panning, dredging, and sluicing. Moreover, you will obtain and process gold to take to the purchaser. After that, you will need these profits to buy bigger and better equipment. Take place in the Alaskan territory and includes deformable land and dynamic weather and seasons. The machines are highly specific, realistic and imitate real physics. To have perfect work you will need to maintain your machines as well as any other equipment. Learning, practicing and working hard is all you need to do in this title.


Playing this interesting Gold Rush The game now to as learn as experience the fun and educational video game. Besides, don’t forget to use the above cheats to make your game process becoming easier and smoother!