Lego Worlds


Lego Worlds is a sandbox video game with the lego theme. Traveller’s Tales develops Lego Worlds and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is in charge of publishing the game. In the beginning, there was a beta version of the game released on SEA (Steam Early Access). About two years later, Lego Worlds officially released on 7 March 2017 for a Microsoft Windows version, PlayStation 4 version, and Xbox One Version. Moreover, the game also available on Nintendo Switch which I have experienced with my friends.In general, the game has positive views, and in my opinion, the game is so fascinating. Although the game has a lego-themed, which suitable for kids to play, the game isn’t like what you think, and you may get addicted.

How to enter codes?

If you want to have an advantage in Lego Worlds by cheating, then the main screen is where you need to visit.

After loading your save, there is a code entry button <-> among other buttons in the main screen before you join the game. Therefore, type in your desired code.

There are many codes in Lego Worlds and these are not unique, so you can share with your friends.
For instance, if I type in P42FJ6 , I receive a Police Car or U98BR2 for a Pizza Van. Use it for the benefit of your gameplay experience.

More about the game


In Lego Worlds, there are two different main goals. About the first goal, the game is a journey where you can go for exploration and adventure. You will go across an infinite number of worlds with your snazzy spaceship. When you go explore, you will encounter some items and you can do building with these items. Therefore, another goal is trying to collect golden bricks that are hidden in chests and completing quests for NPCs.

When you earn a certain number of golden bricks, you will level up and receive more character abilities or world generation options. The world generation option is a motivation that keeps me doing these repetitive activities. Still, you can use a brick-by-brick editor tool or some of Lego structures (which are predefined) to create your own dream Lego world.

What is worth mentioning is that in Lego Worlds, you can do character customization. In my perspective, I love the variety of biomes, vehicles, creatures in the game. Still, the game has a multiplayer mode for you to go discover and go on an adventure with your friends.


Lego Worlds is an excellent way to entertain, explore and build anything you can dream of. If 'cheating' is what you need, press the code entry button and type in your desired codes.
Have fun with the game!