SimCity 3000


SimCity 3000 is an interesting city-building video game released in 1999. This title is the third main installment of the SimCity series. Electronic Arts published this game and Maxis developed it. As its type, your mission in this game is creating a city on your way, maintain and manage it in the best way. This game received many positive acclaims. It is praised for sound, gameplay, graphics, and lasting appeal and was given a 9.0 by IGN. Not only that, GameSpot gave it an 8.5 and praised for its beautiful graphics. With these best acclaims, I believe that it doesn't make you disappointed!

Simcity 3000 Unlimited

With Simcity 3000 Unlimited, you can build and control your urban kingdom with more power than ever before. Moreover, you will get all the wonderful features of the original SimCity 3000 with much more pluses. This title will expand your SimCities with two new building inspired by Asia and Europe structure. Creating your own or taking 13 challenges . Not only that, new disasters consist of an unforgiving whirlpool and plummeting space junk will be unleashed. This is honestly SimCity without limits!

How to use SimCity 3000 cheats?

There are two ways you can use to activate the cheat functions depending on the version you use. If you are using the Windows version, press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C. If you are using the Macintosh version, press SHIFT+OPTION+APPLE+C. After the cheat box input appears, you can type the codes you want and press enters to apply. Type I am weak to make almost items such as buildings, zones, transportation, trees, and surface water-free. Type garbage in, garbage out to make all garbage disposal facilities available. Type power to the masses to make all power plants available. Type water in the desert to make all water facilities available even in case they have not yet been invented. If you want to raise your entire map by one unit of elevation and remove the entire city, you can type terrain one up. Good luck!

More about Simcity 3000


The SimCity 3000 remains the gameplay as SimCity 2000. You are available to choose from three zoning densities as the concept of waste management was added. In this game, you will experience an expanded dealing with neighboring cities. You can buy or sell electricity, water, and waste management services. Moreover, you will choose the main type of building to create it in your city. If you are allowed to build that building, you will receive an amount of money to complete it. However, sometimes you have to deal with the unwanted effect!
Don’t worry if you don’t have any help because in this game you will have the supporters. In SimCity 3000, the advisors will give you depth advice. Not only that, but you also own petitioners and they are often your citizens who ask for important ordinances to be enacted or cutting taxes. A news ticker is replaced for the newspaper. If there is something bad with your country, the news stories will show this. In contrast, if everything was going well, the stories would be humorous nonsense. Sometimes, the disaster news will be announced through the news ticker. In Simcity 3000, the land has five levels of steepness instead of one. Moreover, it has several types of trees, not just only pine trees. So, you can experience more in the farm!


Building a city is not easy and interesting work. However, by using these above cheats, you will see the differences and have the most entertain time with Simcity 3000. Play now and have fun!