Titan Quest: Immortal Throne


With the success of Titan Quest, an expansion of this game was released to please their fan. Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, which is also known as IT, is the expansion pack of Titan Quest- an action role-playing hack and track title. It was developed by Iron Lore Entertainment and released in 2006. IT enlarged the original storyline with a fourth act called Hades. Before you are allowed to travel to Hades, you have to complete the original major questline. Numerous features and enhancements were added into this expansion, comprising Arcane Formulae, Artifacts, the new Dream Mastery, various new enemies and secret Bosses.

Installing TQIT also alters the original game, showing several refinements, including traveling goods caravans. If you are installed this game for the first time and having installed both TQ and TQIT, you will start the game with the original Titan Quest. You can then play through Titan Quest, and then on into IT, with all the advancements and fixes which IT brings to the original game.

How to use cheats?

If you want to activate the cheat function, press the ESC key while playing the game. The Unlock Content button will appear, press that and enter one of these codes to unlock the item set.

Titan Quest Cheats List

Password Effect
373624 373624 Armament of Gaul set.
437626 437626 Armament of Germania set.
925678 925678 Garb of the Great Merchant set.
12345 12345 Girl Skin.
123456 123456 Girl Skin 2
123 123 Male and Female Skin.
274267 274267 Shinobi Shozoku set.

373624 Copy


Armament of Gaul set.

437626 Copy


Armament of Germania set.

925678 Copy


Garb of the Great Merchant set.

12345 Copy


Girl Skin.

123456 Copy


Girl Skin 2

123 Copy


Male and Female Skin.

274267 Copy


Shinobi Shozoku set.

More about Titan Quest: Immortal Throne


The same as its predecessor Titan Quest, you will create your character plots environments around the Ancient World. In Immortal Throne, you will start the game by discovering locations such as Rhodes and Epirus, before entering the Underworld and passing through paranormal locations such as the Styx and Elysium. Through the story and different areas, you will need to complete quests from non-playable characters for several rewards. These rewards include money and experience points.

The battle occurs in real-time, including a hack and slash style in which your character attacks enemies highlighted with the mouse. You can achieve experience levels through finishing quests and killing enemies. When you get enough points, you can access Mastery skill trees linked to distinct combat styles. Items and equipment with new armor and weapons are acquired from wiped out enemies or bought from merchants. A notable plot is that players of the original game can import their current selected character into Immortal Throne, while new players have to complete the major campaign before accessing Immortal Throne.

There are multiple additions and alterations in IT. The main new one called Dream Mastery which is available to new players from the start of the main campaign. It is a magic-focused skill that focuses on illusion and stability effects to damage enemy groups. Besides the extra quests, new items and equipment are added. After you discover enough Arcane Formulae by defeating enemies, and added item slot for your character is reserved for Artifacts and charms crafted for Enchanters.

The Artifacts are divided into three levels including Lesser, Greater, and Divine. These levels will bring a variety of status effects depending on your level. A separate kind of item is Scrolls, expendable items that create powerful effects and can be equipped in a similar style to healing potions. Moreover, Multiplayer functions are not replaced from the original game. They just add more classes such as the ability to automatically join parties and engage in player vs player matches.


This is truly attractive combat against evil and discovering you the fancy world in Titan quest: immortal throne. Besides that, using these above cheats can bring you more entertainment time and memorable experiences!