Tropico 4: Gold Edition


Tropico 4 is a platform game that mixes city management and political manipulation. This title was developed by Haemimont Games and published by Kalypso Media. Fetel Interactive published the OS X version of the game which includes the Modern Times expansion pack) on July 25, 2013, and the State of Emergency DLC pack was released by Feral on April 3, 2014. The same as the first and third games in the series, it focuses on a customizable main character titled "El Presidente" – the leader who runs the island named- banana republic. This interesting title gained many positive reviews and holds a 78/100 score on Metacritic and 77/100 based on 18 reviews for the Xbox 360 version. For all these, this game is worth to play.

How to use cheats?

It's so simple to use the cheats in this game. Just holding the right shift and type the following codes I list below to gain the desired effects. If you want to unlock all missions, type trabajono. To instant construction, type speedygonzales; to instant win, type elpollodiablo; to get 100,000 dollars type muchopesos; to maximizes all workers' experience or students graduate instantly, type dinggratz. If you like the wine’s name, there are some cheats with theses name, type whiskey to get a bonus 20 to relations with the US. Type vodka to bonus 20 to relations with the USSR; type nowhiskey to -20 to relations with the US or type novodka to - 20 to relations with the USSR. To raise happiness values of all Tropicana by 10, type pachangasi. To make a disaster, try to use these cheats: type tornadilla for a Tornado Outbreak; type drough for Drought Disaster; type earthquake for an Earthquake Disaster and so on. Have fun!

Tropico 4 Cheats List

Code Effect
nowhiskey -20 to relations with the US


-20 to relations with the US

More about Tropico 4


There are 10 preconfigured maps in this game, but you can create your island by choosing Random Island. On choosing a random island. You can change the size of your island, vegetation, mineral deposits, and elevation, as well as other game parameters. After choosing the island, you can create your avatar or choose a premade avatar based on various famous leaders such as Fidel Castro, Augusto Pinochet, "Papa Doc" Duvalier. Moreover, you can choose: gender, costumes, skin tone, hat, hairstyle, accessories, mustache, beard, earrings, traits, quality, and rise to power for your character.

Because you are the president of this town, you can see in every citizen's demands, happiness, skills, thoughts and political ideology. The needs of Tropicana include food, health, leisure, and faith. These are fulfilled by erecting specific buildings. A citizen unable to satisfy their needs will become unhappy and may protest peacefully, become a criminal or join the rebels. Individual protesters negatively affect nearby citizens' respect for El Presidente, potentially influencing the next election, though El Presidente may personally calm the protester down. If your character loses an election, you will lose the game. Not only that, rebels will periodically attack and attempt to destroy buildings. The game will be lost when the palace is destroyed. Thus, increasing palace guards and armies to defend the palace and fight against rebel attacks.


More wonderful than you expected, this game will make you be addicted. Let be a good president and try to use these above cheats to have great experiences!