Zoo Tycoon


Zoo Tycoon is an interesting business simulation game. This game is totally suitable which those who love animals and zoo business. This title concentrates on the building, owning and running successful zoo scenarios. The game was developed by Blue Fang Games, Frontier Developments, Behaviour Interactive, Asobo Studio and published by Microsoft Studios.

The concentration of the game is creating a successful zoo and try to make as much profit as possible. It was released on October 17- 2001. In 2002, the 2 expansion packs were released: Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs and Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mania which is both followed by a theme pack: Zoo Tycoon: Endangered Species Theme Pack.

How to enable cheats in Zoo Tycoon

Hold Shift; and $; at the same time to get 10,000$. But when using that command too much it will damage your fences. Not only that, name an exhibit one of the below commands to apply the cheat. It should also be warned that if you type a brand-new exhibit using this cheat, it will crash the game. Everyone who's done it with a new exhibit has experienced this, so keep it in mind, for example, Copralite corner for all dinosaur poo will turn into rocks, Microsoft for Double exhibit donations, Wonderland for More people will come to see your exhibition or Blue Fang for Guests will pay 2x original amount for attractions. Good luck!

More about Zoo Tycoon


Zoo Tycoon is a zoo simulation video game in which you will own a zoo and your mission is controlling a fictional zoo business. The gameplay formula which is introduced in the Zoo Tycoon -2001 received updates throughout the series. However, its backgrounds and main concepts remain unchanged. In this title, you have to build, expand, and upgrade a zoo by buying animals, creating suitable animal habitats, and get your staff and resources for animal pension and care.
As the ultimate goal and main purpose of the game is revenue, you must also provide for visitors by building food and drink stands, hygienic facilities, picnic areas, and a pleasing environment. By keeping the visitors and animals be happy always you will receive higher revenue. If the animals escape from their enclosure, they can kill the visitors and damage your zoo’s reputation.

There are four modes in this game: Training, Scenario, Challenge, and Freestyle. The Scenario mode takes place in a preset scenario in which your task is controlling your zoo by accomplishing multiple objectives within a period of time and new items will be unlocked as the scenario progresses. The Freestyle mode will be different in each game but usually leaves you free to build a zoo from scratch however you see it.


This title is a fascinating and imagination wild run you should try now irrespectively you are a child or adult. Don't forget to use these above cheat codes to increase your money and purchase more animals for your zoo. Have fun.